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Tradition and Innovation Cast Poten Enviro’s Glory and Dream in A New Era


“Building an ecological civilization is vital to sustain the Chinese nation’s development. We will cherish the environment as we cherish our own lives. We should have a strong commitment to socialist ecological civilization and work to develop a new model of modernization with humans developing in harmony with nature. We must do our generation’s share to protect the environment,” Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out at the opening ceremony to the 19th National Congress which took place on October 18. 

On the afternoon of October 20 (Friday), Chairman Zhao Lijun and President Wu Jian at Poten Environment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Poten Enviro” or “the Group”) each delivered an address titled “Glory and Dream” and “Tradition and Innovation”, to the entire staff. As they told in their address, this is a great era of historic opportunities and the time presents environment protection a large number of opportunities. But everyone at Poten Enviro shall still stay true to their original aspiration. While seeking for an ever-growing company size, they remain committed to high-quality growth. Thinking and acting responsibly, Poten Enviro will render customers with premium services and create more value for China and the Chinese society, and develop itself into a great environmental company across the world. 

Glory and Dream

Bear missions in mind and embark on a new journey in the next three decades

Poten Enviro’s Glory and Dream shared by Zhao Lijun

“As mentioned in the report to the 19th National Congress, China will embark on a new journey in the upcoming three decades. With the two 15 years, we will work hard to create a better future as expected by the people. Inspired by this ambition, everyone at Poten Enviro will carry forward our traditions and create a more splendid future,” said Zhao Lijun. 

China has gone through many setbacks and hardships to become what it looks like today. This is closely related with our cultural accumulation and inclusiveness as well as our innovation and reform in political structure. What can be called civilization must be able to point out the direction for future development. With these advantages and features brought into full play, I am sure we are confident in and capable of creating a bright future. There is a consulting firm which only serves companies with an annual turnover exceeding RMB1 billion, by extracting and magnifying the unique value existing in their policy and structure. In my view, this is an important job. A company with an annual income of RMB1 billion must stick to some value unique to itself. Only with this value extracted and magnified can the organization be based on it for further growth and evolution. 

Poten Enviro has turned 22 years old. Going through ups and downs along the way, we come where we are today. Don’t we have any value worth our commitment? Today there are 53,000-plus environmental companies across the industry. We have grown at a pace faster than most listed environmental companies. Now as long as a new eco-friendly policy or measure comes out, the entire sector and capital market will think without any hesitation that Poten Enviro will grasp the chance to make a difference. Why does the capital market speak so highly of Poten Enviro? How could we ink new contracts worth more than RMB10 billion this year and expand our scale by around 167 times over the past decade? Why can we pool together so many professionally skilled persons? What’re the right things we have done? 

If I need to give a one-line answer, it is “our proactive prediction for market trends, our constant embrace for changes and our ongoing adjustments as required by market demand altogether contribute to what we have accomplished today”. Winding the clock back five years ago, we can see there was no emerging eco-friendly market which was brought along by ten measures to improve air quality, ten measures to water quality, and ten measures to soil quality; there was no reform in environmental management structure; or there was no sewage discharge permit. Back then, we hadn’t started the construction of five regional centers. Our efforts to build these centers were far from a plain sailing. Some regions didn’t see any progress until the recent two years. Even so, the five regions made their respective contribution to ensure the Group could grow steadily through different phases. Today’s Poway Technology was called “Boda Harmony” back then; and today’s Bochuan Restoration had its former name as “Pushi Shenghua” at that time. From the changes in these names, we can see our platform is expanding and our organization is evolving. 

So Poten Enviro is a company like this. We could always make proactive predications and then keep adjusting them. The moment a change occurred, we might feel not so good or hold some doubts. However, it is proven that what we have done in the past enables us to grow at today’s fast pace. The ever-evolving business layout in the past five years allows us to introduce today’s Poten Enviro as a company capable of offering environmental solutions systematically.

This is our past glory. When it comes to our future dream, I’m convinced that we will be able to take on a much different look three years later or by 2020. Now as a large company, we can pool together resources in a quantity or at a pace both beyond people’s imagination. At the same time, we also demonstrate growing appeals to well-trained professionals, and become more capable of coordinating and integrating resources. In the future, we are set to develop exponentially. 

We take on Poten Enviro’s future and mission on our shoulders. When numerous resources of all sorts flow into the fast-growing Poten Enviro, are we ready to accept and manage them? If anything can hinder the future development of Poten Enviro, it is our self-growth speed. 

I often find myself under great pressure, because the development of the company outpaces my self-growth. Therefore, I invited Wu Jian to join us at Poten Enviro. We have been acquainted and trusted with each other for nearly two decades. I believe in that he will be an extremely important asset for us with respects to our globalization ambition, commitment to quality growth, etc. 

We should be proud of our DNA, corporate culture, competitive edges and many other things about ourselves. I have read a book titled How Google Works recently. There is one point convincing me a lot. That is, anyone who joins a new company needs to spend some time to learn about its corporate culture, understand its course development, figure out what changes it has made and what vision it holds for the future. Only by this way can he or she knows the company well in a real sense, love it with passion and follow it into the future firmly. I always hold that corporate culture overshadows all strategies and tactics. There is no way for an organization without a sound corporate culture to go farther. As heralded by the times, the upcoming three decades will see the environmental protection sector to create a better future. Therefore, we need to gain a deeper understanding of our history, changes and developments, and feel more recognized with our future dream. By doing so, we will become more faithful to our choice, and work hard together with Poten Enviro to embrace all possible changes and fly our dream in the great new era. 

Tradition and Innovation

Embrace the new era and have everyone at Poten Enviro rally around 

Poten Enviro’s Tradition and Innovation shared by Wu Jian

“I am quite honored to join Poten Enviro, a company with great visions. It makes me feeing thrilling to work for a better ecology with all of you,” President Wu Jian indicated. “Poten Enviro has recruited a team sharing the common pursuit, strong cohesion and determined spirit, all of which prepare the much-needed ground for a greater success in the future.”

How can a company be deemed as a decent one? It rests on whether you are a leader or have a say in the market, whether your can carry out management in a meticulous, standardized and international manner, and whether you hold appeals to the most excellent people in the industry. Greater chance means greater responsibility. Therefore, we have been in an adequately good environment to generate a turnover of RMB100 billion in the future. But to grow into a truly great company, we still need to further improve ourselves. 

Before joining Poten Enviro, I worked for Dupont. Incorporated in 1802, it has a history of 215 years. At Dupont, everything needs to be done following a procedure. When it comes to policies and workflows, almost all US firms learn from it. But we cannot mechanically copy its policies and management practice. Instead, we need to learn from it critically. How can we do so? We must put in place its management flows and policies in light of our own corporate culture, business environment and phase of development. 

The turnover of RMB100 billion matters for us. But what’s more important is whether our development is content-rich and quality or not. Behind our current three strategies sits our corporate culture and spirit. To realize the strategy of creating a bright future, we need to add up every bit of strength at Poten Enviro, and treat every person, every affair and every detail seriously. 

Now the values we share at Poten Enviro bear great resemblance with the corporate cultures of those great companies. Our DNA we have formed in the past 22 years will prepare the cultural ground for us to grow into a centenary group. Everyone at Poten Enviro should embrace our corporate culture and then do your bit to enrich it. 

With everyone’s engagement, there will emerge a synergy. I hope we can join hand in hand to develop our awareness of regulated and standardized operation, work with an improved sense of discipline and execution, and refine our policies and workflows. When our excellent corporate culture can be embodied in our attitude towards daily work and code of conduct, I believe we will bring our competitiveness into better play, secure more remarkable development, shoulder the responsibilities endowed by the era for the environmental protection sector, and build Poten Enviro into a great company across the world. 

I would like to work hard with all of you to make well-rounded improvements and become a group of people who can fight to the end and secure every success. 


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